Laufenburg substation receives new 800 MVA power transformer

Switzerland, Aargau: A new 380/220 kV power transformer has arrived in Laufenburg, Aargau as part of the refurbishment and expansion of the Laufenburg substation, a facility that plays a key role in the Swiss transmission grid.

The new transformer will increase the transformer output from 600 MVA to 800 MVA and will be installed next to the existing 380/220 kV transformer, which was installed in 1966 and has reached the end of its operating life, Swissgrid stated in the press release.

The transformer will be commissioned in mid-2019 and will then replace the existing 600 MVA transformer.

The refurbishment of the Laufenburg substation is part of Swissgrid’s larger project – the “Strategic Grid 2025”.

Source: Swissgrid