169-tonne super grid transformer delivered to Lovedean Substation

United Kingdom, Hampshire: As part of a National Grid substation upgrade programme to improve electricity supply in the area, Collett has delivered a 169-tonne super grid transformer from Portsmouth International Port to Lovedean Substation.

This project involved discharging of the transformer from the vessel at Portsmouth International Port and loading it to the specialist girder bridge, where the cargo began its 20 km journey to the substation in convoy and under police escort, Collet said in the press release.

Two ‘end-change’ operations had to be completed along the route effectively flipping the combination 180 degrees to allow for onward transport, arriving safely at the Lovedean National Grid Substation.

At the substation, operations included offload and installation on site by hydraulic jacking and skidding equipment.

Source: Collett & Sons Ltd.