MIDEL adds prominent transformer expert to team

Former National Grid expert and transformer expert Paul Jarman has been appointed Applications Engineering Specialist for MIDEL, a world’s brand of ester transformer fluids, manufactured by UK-based M&I Materials.

Jarman will collaborate on electricity technology advancements and feed technical and commercial insight into industry committees including IEEE, IEC and CIGRE.

Backed by a thirty-year career, Jarman holds a deep, technical understanding of the utilities and transmission and distribution sectors and specialises in transformer asset management.

As an electrical science graduate from Cambridge University, Paul started as a research officer for the CEGB and on privatisation in 1990 he transferred to National Grid as a Transformer Engineer. More recently, he was Transformer Technical Manager for National Grid in the UK and chairman of IEC TC14, the international committee for power transformer standards. Paul was also the UK regular member of CIGRE study committee A2 for transformers 2008-2016. In addition, he is a chartered electrical engineer and member of the IET. Paul is an Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Manchester and will continue with research at the University.  

“I’m delighted to be joining the MIDEL team at M&I Materials,” said Paul Jarman, “particularly because I had a deep involvement with MIDEL fluids in 400 kV transformers; so I’ve seen first-hand the positive impact the use of ester fluid can have in the transmission and distribution sector. I’m excited now to be in a position to help the industry in the growing uptake of ester transformer fluids.”

Source: M&I Materials