Ukrenergo installs new 999 MVA transformer at Kyivska substation

Ukraine, Kyiv: Ukraine’s energy company Ukrenergo has inaugurated a second 750/330 kV 999 MVA autotransformer at the Kyivska 750 kV substation.

The new autotransformer comes with a modern monitoring and fire protection system from Sergi, which will allow remote monitoring of the main modes of operation of the transformer, and track its condition condition, the company said in the press release.

The project to install the second autotransformer at the Kyivska substation was implemented by Ukrenergo together with the Croatian company Dalekovod with funds from the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

The Kyivska substation, built in 2008, is the key energy unit of the Kyiv Energy Сircle, providing electricity to Kyiv and the region.

Source: Ukrenergo