Egypt-Sudan electricity interconnection to be activated in February

According to Egypt’s minister of electricity and renewable energy, Mohamed Shaker, a new electricity interconnection line with Sudan will be activated this coming February.

The project consists of a high-voltage 220kV transmission line for a length of 69km within the Sudanese territory and 100km within the Egyptian territory.

An Indian multi-national construction firm Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T) was responsible for the construction of all the pylons used, according to Gamal Abdel-Rahim, chairman of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company.

The director-general of the Sudanese Electricity Transmission Company, Hassan al-Sheikh, said the capacity of the transferable power at 220kV will reach up to 300MW, which can be increased in the future to up to 3,000MW when connecting through the 500kV, which is subject to studies through the joint committees between the two countries.

Al-Sheikh further stated that the total cost of the electricity interconnection project between Egypt and Sudan is around $20 million on the Sudanese side.

Source: ESI Africa