Swedish distributor upgrades rural network with new transformers

Sweden: Distribution company Ellevio Ab has ordered two new power transformers to be added to the regional rural network in Svansåsen, located 200 km north of Karlstad, with the possibility of four more to be added at a later date.

Both transformers of 40 MVA in size should be delivered by the second or third quarter of 2020. The transformers will be connected to the 145 kV regional network on the HV side and 20 kV on the LV side.

As options, Ellevio would also like the possibility to order one 40 MVA transformer to be added at Finnebäck , two 25 MVA transformers to go to Horsakullen , and one 63 MVA transformer to go to Stöllet, All would have to be delivered within 12 months after call off.

Source: Opic