Mobile substations for Con Edison’s rapid emergency response

Con Edison, the utility that powers New York City and local areas, acquired six new mobile medium-voltage substations from Siemens that can be used for rapid emergency response.

The rapid deployment mobile substations will help Con Edison to deploy and fully operate a power substation within days instead of months it can traditionally take to replace damaged gear due to the technology’s plug-and-play functionality.

“Part of resiliency strategy – in addition to preventing power outages – is to restore service to customers as quickly as possible during a major storm or other emergency,” said Robert Brantley, Chief Engineer of Equipment & Field Engineering at Con Edison. “These mobile substations we developed with Siemens are groundbreaking technology that will help us serve our customers better during extreme events.”

“Traditionally when a utility’s substation equipment is impacted by extreme weather, or even needs to be taken out of commission for routine maintenance, outages can occur,” said Brian Dula, head of Siemens Medium Voltage & Systems business Unit in US. “Our goal in designing these mobile substations is to give utilities like Con Edison the flexibility to bring the technology right to where it’s needed and the ability to quickly energize so as to minimize the duration of an outage.”

Con Edison ordered six custom-made mobile substations from Siemens, each containing a seven-circuit breaker lineup of 8DA10 gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear, providing power up to 93.3. MVA in selectable voltage levels. The special slide-out and slide-up functionality allows a very compact design of the substation so that it can be easily transported to any location within the utility’s network without any transportation permits.

Four out of the six substations have been delivered to Con Edison with the remaining expected by the spring of 2019.

Source: Power Mag