Transformer failure causes explosions in Atlanta

Atlanta, USA- Georgia Power blames transformer failure for multiple underground electrical explosions in Midtown Atlanta which happened on Wednesday.

Sounds of grinding metal, loud explosions, and billowing smoke could were seen coming from manhole covers.

Firefighters responded to the scene at Peachtree Street and Linden Avenue Wednesday morning. According to officials, a series of underground electrical explosions were reported.

“In those grates and underground is a Georgia Power vault that supplies the power to this area, including the hospital,” a spokesperson for Atlanta Fire and Rescue said. “Once those explosions did happen, it tripped a large transformer breaker system just a few blocks away from here. That cut the power to those transformers which in turn put the fire out, causing the explosions to cease.”

In a statement, Georgia Power confirmed that a transformer failed on Wednesday morning, but said that they believed “the issue is isolated to this single transformer and no manhole covers were blown as reported.”

No injuries have been reported and there are not power outages at this time.

Source: Fox 5