Germany will need to invest $59 billion in transmission

Germany’s four transmission grid operators have published their proposal for the 2030 electricity grid, including 1,600 kilometres of new power lines and updating another 2,900 km. The cost of this proposal is estimated to be $59 billion.

According to recommendations by the four transmission grid operators, Germany will need an additional 1,600 km of transmission lines and the refurbishment of another 2,900 km by 2030. The proposal, named “Grid Development Plan 2030” was developed by operators such as TenneT, TransnetBW, 50Hertz and Amprion. The goal of the proposal is to decrease Germany’s dependency on fossil electricity production and move towards greener solutions.

The central project will involve two more direct current underground cables going from north to south with a length of 1,160 kilometres. The costs for the grid expansion according to these suggestions would be $ 59 billion, as opposed to up from $40 billion that was estimates two years ago.

Source: Clean Energy Wire