Canadian smart grid project secures $11.8 M in federal funds

Sault Ste. Marie’s smart grid energy project will receive $11.8 M from the federal government.

The smart grid project will modernize the city’s electricity system, improve its efficiency, reduce power outages, and the length of power interruptions.

“The investment this government has made in our community will not only help modernize our city’s electrical distribution system – once the project is complete, Sault Ste. Marie will have access to an electricity grid that can handle the growing demands of a city in the 21st century.”

“We will be the first city in our country to implement a community-wide smart grid, and I thank the Government of Canada for its support. Once it is complete, the smart grid will make our energy infrastructure more reliable, reduce energy loss and lead to a more innovative economy for our community,” noted Sault Mayor Christian Provenzano.

Improvements to the network will also accommodate new energy sources, including rooftop solar.

Construction is expected to start in 2019, with completion slated for 2020.

Source: North Ontario Business

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