LOC Renewables appoints Ross Wigg as Renewables Director

LOC Renewables announces Ross Wigg has been appointed Renewables Director – Asset Performance.

Ross, who has been working for 22 years, joined Lloyd’s Register in 1997 during which time he founded, and was Head, of the Renewable Energy business. He was also a member of the Lloyd’s Register Energy Technology Board between 2011 and 2016. In 2018, Ross was appointed Co-Director and Lead Industrial Partner to the EPSRC Supergen ORE Programme.

Ross has a wealth of experience within the renewables industry and is an advisor to several boards, including Supergen ORE, REMS CDT Programme, ESPRC review panel and was also a member of the IEC / BSI Wind & Marine Energy Standards Committees. At this position, Ross will work alongside Dr. Tim Camp, Director of Turbine Engineering, and will lead across a series of business activities in offshore wind to further strengthen the operations consultancy LOC Renewables currently provides to its international client base.

Source: LOC Group