Omicron launches new products to test substation automation systems

The company’s new product, StationScout, is said to simplify the testing and reduce the required effort significantly.

Running on the new digital substation test set MBX1, StationScout visualizes and analyses the communication in a SAS. The topology is determined from the engineering data in Substation Configuration Language and displayed intuitively for the SCADA engineer. StationScout supports designers and testing engineers throughout the entire life cycle of an IEC 61850-based SAS with a combination of simulation and testing functions.

StationScout allows for simple, fast and cost-saving SCADA testing, using two methods:

First, all alerts, switchgear status signals, and measurement values are produced by simulating the IEDs. The engineer only needs to verify if the HMI and SCADA display the signals correctly.

Second, StationScout simulates the client to verify and record if the real relays send the correct alerts and status signals.

IEC 61850, the established standard for communication in substations and power utility automation systems, has become the international core standard for smart grids and lays down the prerequisites for a future-proof design and the frictionless interoperability of products from different manufacturers.

Source: T&D World