Hydro-Québec offers $170 M in incentives for Maine transmission line

Hydro-Québec and its partner Central Maine Power have increased their offer to Maine as the two utilities are eager to get approval for a transmission line that would connect Quebec to the New England electric grid.

The proposal would cost Hydro-Québec $170 M spent on initiatives in Maine.

The proposal submitted to state regulators includes $10 M to encourage the use of electric vehicles in Maine, $10 M to help Maine residents switch their heating systems from oil to electricity, $10 M for high-speed internet connections and $3.5 M a year, over 40 years, to lower electricity rates in the state.

Central Maine Power would also give $118 M.

According to the project, New England Clean Energy Connect, CMP would have to build a 233 km transmission line that would allow Hydro-Québec to export electricity to Massachusetts. The cost of that project is estimated at around $1 billion.

Source: Montreal Gazette