Chinese company Sihu launched oil immersed SSVT

Sihu has launched a new kind of oil immersed station service voltage transformer, aiming to provide customers with a device that can transform the voltage, aiming to electrify measuring instruments and relay protection devices.

“Over these years, we have been offering high-quality current transformers and voltage transformers, which leads to successful cases in the past. Now we think there is another factor that matters for the product. That is being flexible, which means being able to be used under most conditions. This is the designing concept of the newly launched oil immersed station service voltage transformer and the new product has been adopted by NGCP” said Leo, the marketing manager of Sihu.

The SSVT type voltage transformer is an oil-immersed electromagnetic station service voltage transformer. It’s suitable for measurement control and relay protection in outdoor AC power system of nominal voltage 40.5~252 kV, and frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.

Source: Digital Journal