Florida Power and Light installs new device to reduce power outages

Florida Power and Light unveiled new technology aiming to reduce the number of power outages in the state.

The device is called the “Automated Transformer Switch”, also known as the “Trip Saver Two.” Experts say it discovers what causes the power outage, then automatically turns the power back on if there is no serious problem.

Before this technology, a crew would need to drive to the outage, find the issue, then turn the power on. The process could take hours.

80,000 devices have been installed so far. FPL says this could reduce the number of power outages by up to 50 percent.

“The smart grid technology we’ve deployed pays dividends for our customers every day,” said Manny Miranda, the Senior Vice President of Power Delivery for FPL, “the Automated smart switches alone have allowed the company to avoid more than 1.3 million interruptions just in 2018. I look forward to continuing to use technology such as ATS to deliver service that our customers can count on in good weather.”

Source: CBS

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