E-J Electric lands power authority transmission system upgrade contract

E-J Electric Installation Co. has been awarded the Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) contract for Phase II of the NYPA sensor deployment program.

The program allows the New York Power Authority to analyse up to 95,000 new data points across its generation and transmission system by 2019.

E-J Electric partners with O’Connell Electric as a joint venture on the state wide sensor deployment initiative to design, build and install new sensors across NYPA facilities.

The second phase will cost $76 M and include placing new sensors on turbines, circuit breakers, cable systems and battery banks across New York State and connect the sensors to NYPA’s PI Server in White Plains.

The introduction of approximately 1,000 sensors will report power grid issues in real time which will improve their reliability and resiliency.

The upgrades will allow NYPA to quickly collect data and allow for a faster response time to outages and other power grid issues.

This project is part of NYPA’s Vision 2020 Smart Generation and Transmission strategic initiative.

Source: Real Estate Weekly