New $4.2 M substation in Oman

Majan Electric Company SAOG (MJEC), a member of Nama Group, has recently launched the new Majaz Primary substation in Oman with a cost of $4.2 M (RO 1.6 M).

The main objective of the project is to divert the load from Al Uwainat and Al Khushda substations. This project is considered to be one of the most important initiatives to meet the growing demand for load and add additional capacity to Al Uwainat area.

The construction work has been divided into two parts, the first is the construction of 33/11 kV substation for around $3.1 M (RO 1.2 M). The second part is the construction of 13 kilometres of underground cable feeders from Al Uwainat grid station (132/33 KV) to Majaz Primary substation (33/11 KV), with a cost of about $1 M (RO 400,000).

“We are proud to announce that these projects have been directly supervised by MJEC engineers to ensure commitment to quality standards,” an MJEC spokesperson said.

Source: Business Gateways