Venezuela´s fragile power grid partially restored

Electricity has returned to about three-quarters of Caracas, but much of the country remains without power and associated municipal water supply for a fourth consecutive day.

“More national blackouts will come at any moment,” a senior official with state-owned utility Corpelec said, bemoaning a chronic lack of maintenance across the national grid which remains “very unstable”.

The catastrophic blackout originated in a 765 kW transmission line that leads from the 10 GW Guri hydroelectric complex.

Two Corpoelec officials who work at Guri said at least five of 24 turbines may have been destroyed when a brushfire downed the transmission system in Bolivar state, triggering the blackout that affected all 23 states and Caracas.

Guri was generating about 5.5 GW before the outage. The supply was complemented by the 2.16 GW Macagua hydro plant downriver from Guri. Both plants are now out of service.

Source: Argus Media