Siemens enters Iowa to Illinois transmission line project

German energy engineering firm Siemens and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, a Danish fund specializing in renewables, acquired the SOO Green Renewable Rail from its developer.

Two powerful backers have signed on to a 2,100 MW transmission project to bring renewable generation from Iowa to Illinois. Siemens will also supply the high-voltage DC equipment for the effort.

The transmission line will use high-voltage DC cables buried underground on an existing railroad right-of-way, an approach the company said it borrowed from the earlier fiber optic networks.

The 562 km (349 mile) route runs from Mason City, in Iowa wind country, to a substation in Plano, Illinois. It can ship wind power from Minnesota and the Dakotas, which connect to Iowa on the Midcontinent Independent System Operator grid. The link to Illinois brings the power into PJM territory, which includes the mid-Atlantic states.

Source: Green Tech Media