Bescom transformers are blowing up due to heat

India, Bangalore: The unbearable heat is getting to the Bescom’s (Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited’s) transformers.

In the first week of March, three transformers have exploded, resulting in a break of electricity supply for thousands of residents. In January, Bescom recorded five transformer failures.

A top Bescom official said: “The rise in temperature is causing heating up of transformers; technical issues are another reason for power failures. But as soon as we get to know of any transformer blowing up, we immediately send our staff to repair it.”

“On March 7, we observed unforeseen interruptions in Hoodi which has a 400 kV station that supplies Ulsoor, Indiranagar and Whitefield. One out of the four 100 kV transformers exploded due to high temperature and load at around 10.30 pm which led to the damage in all the four 100 kV transformers. It took us 4-5 hours to restore it and we succeeded at around 3 am. We also took load from another 220 kV power station at EPIP zone. But this led to power failure in many parts of the city,” he added.

The most affected areas with rampant power cuts are in East Bengaluru. Areas like Vijayanagar East and Hoodi are facing the maximum amount of unscheduled power cuts right now.

Saturday brought two new transformer burnt outs, one in Vijayanaga substation and another at Bagmane Tech Park. A Bescom official said that the power supply was interrupted for an hour due to oil leakage in 66 kV line in a transformer at Bagmane station.

Source: Banglalore Mirror

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