South Korea nuclear reactor shut after transformer malfunction

A nuclear reactor in South Korea has been shut down on Friday following a technical glitch with a transformer.

South Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) announced 1 M kW Hanbit No. 5 in Yeonggwang region “stopped operating at around 1.25 p.m. apparently due to a malfunction in its transformer”.

South Korea has six operational reactors at the Hanbit plant. The same nuclear reactor was shut down last September for its regular examination. It restarted generating power in November.

KHNP said that the malfunction in the nuclear reactor “did not cause any radiation leak or pose safety risks”.

Yonhap reported that South Korean officials have opened an investigation into what caused the malfunction in the Hanbit plant.

Hanbit No. 5 is expected to resume its operation as soon as inspections are completed.

Source: Brinkwire

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