India to launch $5 B of transmission lines tenders

India: India will launch $5 B of transmission-line tenders in phases, beginning in June, to route a targeted 175 GW of power from renewable sources into the country’s grid by 2022.

India has awarded tenders for 12 GW of transmission lines since December, while bids for a further 16 GW will be launched by the end of June.

Another 38 GW will be bid out before March 2020.

Building transmission lines for 66 GW worth projects would need an estimated investment of around $6.2 B, the secretary for renewables, Anand Kumar, said.

“Projects of 103 GW have been installed or are under implementation, and over 37 GW are under various stages of bidding,” he mentioned, adding that bidding for the targeted renewable energy addition would be completed by March 2020.

None of India’s private power producers plans to invest in new coal-fired power plants in at least the next five years, two industry sources told the press. Almost all of India’s new capacity addition is expected to come from renewable energy.

Source: Reuters