Bell Bay Aluminium begins installing 300-tonne transformer

Bell Bay Aluminium has begun the installations of a new 300-tonne transformer at their site in Tasmania.

Bell Bay Aluminium awarded Victorian-based Wilson Transformer Company the contract to manufacture and deliver the giant transformer it needed for its smelter power project back in December 2017.

The 168 MVA 220/40/11 kV power transformer will convert 220,000 V received by Bell Bay Aluminium from the Tasmanian transmission system to 33,000 V as an input to the smelter’s rectifiers which, in turn, provide direct current power to the potlines.

The smelter power project is valued at about $6.5 M, with about $1.5 M of that figure to be spent with Tasmanian contractors and suppliers on installation.

Bell Bay Aluminium’s operation to install and prepare the transformer for use in the smelter switchyard will take almost eight weeks.

Source: Examiner

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