New York announces grid modernization projects

US, New York: Earlier this month the New York Independent System Operator (New York’s grid operator) approved two new transmission projects that would be the state’s largest transmission expansion in 30 years.

“These transmission projects will benefit New York State’s electric consumers by enabling the delivery of environmentally desirable power required to meet state energy goals, relieving uneconomic congestion, and replacing aging infrastructure while enhancing New York State’s already high standard of system reliability,” NYISIO explained. “There have been no large-scale, high-voltage, alternating current (AC) transmission facilities constructed in New York State in over 30 years. This has resulted in an aging and congested transmission infrastructure that cannot adequately accommodate the state’s future energy goals,” NYISO said.

Projects like these are necessary to meet the state’s ambitious clean energy standard, and they’ll help make the overall system more reliable and more affordable.

Also this month, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $30 M in new funds to modernize the state’s electric grid. “Modernizing New York’s grid will create long-lasting benefits for all New Yorkers through a more reliable and affordable system, while increasing resilience for extreme weather events and adding more renewable energy sources into our system,” Cuomo said.

The new funds are aimed at improving grid resiliency and flexibility while making it possible to bring more renewable energy onto the system.

Source: AWEA blog