China-Laos joint project to install new 500 kV transmission lines in Laos

Laos: The new 500 kV and 230 kV transmission lines will be installed in Laos’ capital Vientiane, a joint project between Lao and Chinese companies, to ensure more Lao people will have sufficient power, officials in Vientiane have said.

The new power lines will transmit electricity from hydropower dams. The project is a collaborative project between the EDL and the China Electric Power Equipment and Technology, a company affiliated with the State Grid Corporation of China.

“When completed, the 500/230 kV transmission line project will further support the nation’s electricity generation. The project will create a sustainable electricity supply for the development of Lao capital Vientiane and increase the capacity of Laos’ electricity grid,” said Yu Jun, general manager of the China Electric Power Equipment and Technology Co., Ltd., the Chinese EPC contractor.

So far, 61 hydropower plants have been put in operation across the county and another 39 dams are under construction and set for completion in 2020-2021. Transmission lines and substations have been built to accommodate the additional power supplies.


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