South Africa launches $13 M substation in Johannesburg

South Africa, Johannesburg: South Africa has officially launched the $13 M Heriotdale substation in Johannesburg which will help the city battle power instability experienced by residents, businesses and industries in the south-eastern parts of Johannesburg due to the age and condition of the Cleveland substation.

Construction of the new 88/11/6, 6 kV Heriotdale substation started in 2015. The construction work included earthworks, civil and building works; installation of three 45 MVA 88/11 kV transformers, two 20 MVA 11/6.6 kV transformers, thirty-seven 11 kV switchgear panels, twenty-six 6.6 kV switchgear panels and associated secondary plant and equipment.

A direct current (DC) system and telecommunications equipment, known as Scada, has also been installed to monitor, gather and process real-time data and inform City Power technicians of any faults regarding the network.

Source: Construction Review Online