GE to fortify grid modernisation project in Brazil

Brazil: GE’s Digital Energy business will support the project of grid modernisation in Brazil by providing its full range of solutions.

As part of the modernisation project, GE will provide the 765, 500 and 69 kV transformers at the Ivaipora substation in Sao Paulo and the Itabera substation in Minas Gerais owned by Furnas. These substations facilitate the highest AC voltage in Brazil.

“This collaboration with Furnas brings together a mix of the utility’s local market knowledge and our technical expertise to provide the solutions needed to modernise Brazil’s electric grid.” said Ricardo van Erven, general manager, Latin America, GE’s Digital Energy business.

Furnas is one of the biggest utilities in Latin America and is responsible for power transmission in south, southeast and midwest Brazil. GE’s Digital Energy business is also providing Furnas and Triangulo Mineiro Transmissora (TMT)/Geoenergia with the latest in protection and control equipment to ensure high-efficiency performance and quality for each of the utility’s grid modernisation projects, reports PennEnergy.

“By combining the expertise of both GE and TMT (a collaborative utility composed of Furnas and FIP Milão), we are helping Brazil’s utility sector improve the reliability of the grid and transport more reliable power to fast growth regions,” said van Erven.

Source: PennEnergy