TenneT delivers two transformers to German substation

Germany: TenneT is delivering two transformers to a substation in Wilster in Schleswig Holstein, as part of upgrades that will integrate more offshore wind into the German grid.

The two direct-coupling transformers, each weighing 285 tonnes, will connect the 380 kV portion of TenneT’s network to the 110 kV portion of Schleswig-Holstein Netz’s grid.

The Wilster upgrade in the district of Steinburg will transform it into a critical network node for the German and European power grid and will support increasing levels of renewables penetration, TenneT said.

In addition to connecting to the subordinate network of Schleswig-Holstein Netz, the new transformers will also connect the Wilster substation to the Nordlink interconnector between Germany and Norway and the planned SuedLink, which will transport power between Germany’s north and south regions.

Source: renews.biz

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