China to invest $1.8 B in Ethiopia’s power grid

China: The State Grid Corporation of China has announced the investment of $1.8 B in Ethiopia’s electricity transmission and distribution networks, New Business Ethiopia reports.

Ethiopia has made the development of its estimated 60 GW of renewable energy a cornerstone of its 15 year Growth and Transformation plan. The country now has about 4.5 GW of installed capacity for a population of more than 100 million whose demand for power is growing at about 30 % a year.

To improve the situation, the government has set out a plan to construct 9,000 km of distribution lines and 19,600 km of transmission line.

However, lack of funds is putting a brake on infrastructure investment. According to Addis Ababa newspaper The Reporter, the Ministry of Transport, Dagmawit Moges, has announced that the construction of Ethiopia’s electrified railway between Awash and Hara Gebeya has made little progress in the past nine months due to lack of funds.

He also told the Ethiopian parliament that the construction of the project, which stretches from the eastern to the northern part of the country, has only managed to reach 54% completion over the past five years.

Source: Global Construction Review

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