Large transformer fire in New Zealand

New Zealand: Multiple power outages have struck across Auckland and lower Northland, leaving thousands without electricity.

One of these outages was caused by a transformer in Greenlane, central Auckland, that caught fire on Wednesday morning. Steven Bolton, fire chief, said: “Upon arrival, we were confronted by a large transformer fire that was impinging on a house and also the trees beside.”

Another outage across lower Northland struck later on Wednesday morning, causing outages for thousands of people.

Transpower, Vector and Northpower customers who receive power from either the Wellsford Station or the Maungaturoto sub-station were left without power, after a wire needing replacement failed.

The Vector spokesperson said maintenance by Transpower had caused outages, causing subsequent issues for Vector and Northpower. “In preparation for planned maintenance work due to start tomorrow, a wire we were intending on replacing failed,” they said. “Our crews were quick to find the fault and worked as quickly as they could to restore supply to Wellsford and Maungaturoto substations.”

Source: Newshub