Senate in Argentina approves programme for upgrade of transformer stations

Argentina: The Senate recognised and gave their approval to the new Programme of Electrical Works in Yaciretá, which involves modernisation of electricity services in Posadas, Candelaria and Garupá.

The Programme proposes the construction of the transformer station Itaembé Miní – a conventional 132, 33, and 13.2 kV transformer station with an initial installed capacity of 44 MVA, 44 MVA and 15 MVA. The Programme also proposes doubling the power by installing additional power transformer, reports Digital 6.

Enhancing of power stations in Posadas should also take place in the Industrial Park, Itaembe Guazu (Iprodha) and High Performance Sports Centre, which is under construction. The transformer substation Bahìa El Brete in Posadas will have the current transformer replaced by two new power transformers which will double the power available.  

Máximo Paz transformer substation in Posadas is also currently under construction and will have an installed capacity of 2 x 44 MVA, 132 kV, 44 MVA, 33 kV and 15 MVA, 13.2 kV. There are plans to construct the new transformer station La Garita in Garupá, to secure more power to supply. It will accommodate three power transformers of 33 /13, 2 kV – 8.5 MVA.

Source: 6 Digital