New mobile substation to arrive in East Azerbaijan

Iran: To help prevent disruption in power transmission in Maragheh County in East Azerbaijan Province, a mobile substation will be synchronized with the national grid in June.

“The 132 kV equipment costs $470,000 and was purchased from a domestic company. It is being installed on a 3,000 m² plot,” said Maqsoud Zadehmahdi, from the Ministry of Energy.

Zadehmahdi noted that construction of a fixed substation normally takes three years, but mobile substations come in the form of ready-to-connect complete assemblies designed for easy mobility. Nine mobile substations were synchronized with the national grid in March in Khuzestan Province. The substations added 270 MW to Khuzestan’s installed capacity at 2,000 MW.

Referring to other measures to reduce blackouts in the province, managing director of Khuzestan Regional Electric Company, Mahmoud Dasht-Bozorg, said: “Twelve gas-insulated substations are being installed in the southern oil province. GIS systems cost twice as much as regular substations, but they play a key role in reducing power cuts in regions vulnerable to intense dust storms,” he said.

Source: Financial Tribune