E.On to commission 2,500 digital transformer stations

Germany: E.On plans to commission 2,500 digital transformer stations in the service areas of its four German distribution grid operators – Avacon, Bayernwerk, E.DIS and Hansewerk – by the end of 2019.

Starting this year, E.On will solely install digital transformer stations in Germany. This way, the smart grid is quite naturally being integrated into E.On’s distribution grids.

With these transformer stations as the centrepiece of the smart grid, it is possible to monitor and control any situation in the power grid from the grid control centre. This helps to maintain a more balanced use of the grid and, with increasing complexity, ensures continued security of supply.

In the future, grids will bring electricity to the customer while at the same time collecting and transmitting more and more green electricity. This requires physical data to be made available along the entire route. To ensure security of supply, voltage fluctuations must be kept within narrowly defined limits and the current flow must not exceed the specified value. To manage this challenge, it is necessary to install digital technology.

The possibility of remotely controlling grids also reduces downtimes in the event of faults. With the new technology, grid operators can quickly and easily access the stations of the affected line. The grid control centres can thus limit and eliminate faults on individual line sections within a very short space of time.

Source: Electric, Light & Power