2,933 km power line project to be completed in Sumatra

Indonesia: State-owned electricity company PLN plans to complete a 2,933 km HV power line, dubbed the Tol Listrik Sumatra project, in the first half of 2019 to expand electricity connections on the island.

“The 275 kV Sarulla-Simangkuk line is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019,” said PLN spokesman Dwi Suryo Abdullah. Dwi said that since 2016, the PLN had constructed several transmission networks and 150 kV substations. With the project, he said, the PLN would be able to expand connections between areas in Sumatra that were already covered by electricity networks.

“If the Sarulla-Simangkuk line is completed, the 275 kV transition of the Lahat-Binjai and Pangkalan Susu areas will be connected,” he said, adding that the line would become the backbone of the electricity system in Sumatra.

The second phase of the Tol Listrik Sumatra project – the 275 kV North Sumatera-Aceh line and the 275 kV Lumut Balai-Muara Enim-Gumawang-Lampung line – were targeted for completion in 2021.

Each kilometre of the project cost between $347 (Rp 5 billion) and $313,051 (Rp 4.5 billion) with the funds coming from the PLN.

Source: The Jakarta Post