GE to present high-voltage offerings to help utilities meet growing energy demand

USA, Illinois: GE will display a variety of its industry products and service capabilities at the April 2014 IEEE PES in Chicago. The solutions include company’s new high-voltage offerings and transformative 3-D interactive power system tools.

GE substantially invested in high-voltage technology offerings and developed 3D tools aimed at utility operators for maintenance of their power systems, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to GE, its new technologies can limit the risk of outages and reduce costs associated with electrical system downtimes and out-of-date power transformers.

This comes as GE’s answer to the world electricity demand increase which is predicted to grow by more than 2 % per year over the next 20 years, causing challenges to transmission and distribution networks when it comes to delivering efficient, reliable flow of power. 

“Utilities are not just seeking a solutions provider. They’re seeking a partner to help them meet 21st-century energy challenges, whether it’s improving the reliability and resiliency of their existing electrical distribution infrastructure or replacing aging equipment such as transformers and circuit breakers.” said Bob Turko, general manager, power systems, GE’s Digital Energy business.

Source: The Wall Street Journal