New Jersey Transit replaces two substations

US, New Jersey: NJ Transit is replacing two electrical power substations near the ocean that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

The transit agency approved contracts totalling $23.7 M to build a new storm-resistant electrical substation at the Bay Head rail yard, part of the North Jersey Coast Line rail service.

“The new Bay Head substation will provide NJ Transit and its customers with more reliable service in the face of future storms,” said the agency’s executive director, Kevin Corbett. “Our resiliency projects, like this substation, are focused on minimizing the impact of storms as they occur, and returning to full service rapidly and safely afterward.”

Two existing substations, which were damaged by corrosive salt water, are being replaced with one new one, and the new equipment elevated to keep it away from future storm surges.

The new fixture also will get protective encasing material to further protect it.

Source: New Haven Register