Coil-and-Winding show will be held in Ulm in 2020

Italy: Coil-and-Winding show, which was held in Pordenone, will for the first time be also held in Ulm, Germany on the 1st and 2nd of April 2020.

After having feasibility study was conducted and the idea was discussed with several exhibitors, the Coiltech Ulm is now ready for launch.

Ulm was chosen because hardly any other venue is so close to the production sites of motors, generators and transformers and R&D centers of automotive companies as the city of Ulm is.

The organization of Coiltech in Ulm will be the same as in Pordenone. In-house visitor relationship team invites producers and designers of electric motors, generators, and transformers, increasing the focus on e-mobility solutions.

The exhibition will last for two days and will create the same networking opportunities as in Pordenone: the workers’ lunch, the wine-/beer tasting session, and the exhibitor get-together party.

Source: Coiltech