Burkina Faso receives funding from the World Bank

Burkina Faso: The government of Burkina Faso has obtained funding from the World Bank and intends to use part of this funding to cover the establishment of an action plan for the installation and the realisation of rural electrification networks in Burkina Faso.

This electrification along the 330 kV line concerns 154 to 179 rural locations and will be done by conventional 33 kV three-phase lines connected to networks existing in the vicinity (106 localities) or by 34.5 kV lines connected to the line guard cables.

SONABEL, the executing partnership agency, acting on behalf of government, is now inviting consultants who are eligible to provide the services.

Expressions of interest, in French, contained in sealed envelopes must be submitted no later than 17 June 2019.

Source: ESI-Africa