Azerbaijan reconstructs power supply system of Baku

Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan’s biggest electrical power producer Azerenerji OJSC carries out reconstruction and complex repair work at power plants and systemically significant 220 and 110 kV substations in order to improve the supply of electricity to Baku and its surroundings.

The work has already been completed at the Zabrat substation in Baku and the Sulfanol substation in Sumgait city, with the 220 kV Khirdalan and Mushfig substation in Badamdar and seventeen 100 kV in and around Baku are waiting for the reconstruction. The restoration work at other substations will be completed in the coming months.

The reconstruction of substations, including the replacement of transformers with more powerful ones, is necessary to prevent accidents and equipment overheating. At the same time, according to the company, the reconstruction is extremely important for redirecting the load from one substation to another, eliminating losses and, most importantly, better supply of electricity to consumers.

The source from the Azerenerji OJSC the substations were reinforced by more than 250 MWA as a result of repair and replacement of transformers, in addition to the substations reconstructed as part of the ‘Rehabilitation Program‘.

Source: Mena FN