166 MW Utah substation ready for operation

US, Utah: The Purgatory Flat substation in Utah is added to the electric network and will provide service for existing customers in the area and provide for growth while also increasing flexibility to re-route power in the event of service interruptions from weather or other causes and aid overall system reliability.

The effort began in 2005 under a joint operation and interconnection agreement that spurred the study of future transmission requirements for southwestern Utah.

The work produced more than $400 M of new investment in transmission lines, substations, and related equipment during the past 15 years.

The utility providers estimate the new substation will supply 166 MW of capacity to customers of the participating utilities, which is the equivalent to the annual use of more than 80,000 typical homes.

The substation will transform voltage from transmission lines to distribution circuits that serve customers, per operating guidelines, also containing protective equipment and switching facilities to ensure reliable service, system maintenance, and power interruption management.

Source: Daily Energy Insider