$140 M transmission line to be built in Washington

US, Washington: The cost to build a new electrical transmission line from Wanapum Dam to Quincy in the state of Washington is estimated to be $140.8 M, and the project is estimated to be completed in 2026.

Jesus Lopez, senior manager of power delivery engineering for the PUD (Public Utility District), said the cost estimates could be subject to change. The Quincy area is projected to hit capacity by about 2024. The project would add about 14.8 % to the utility district’s 230 MW transmission system.

The new transmission line would be 51 km (32 miles), from the Wanapum Dam to the existing Mountain View switchyard. Utility district officials also would finish the Mountain View switchyard and build a new switchyard at Monument Hill, near Quincy. The project also includes additional equipment at two switchyards in Quincy and at the Rocky Ford substation.

Estimated costs were $79.3 M for the line construction, $11.1 M to finish the Mountain View switchyard, $20.3 M to build the Monument Hill switchyard, $12.6 M for additional equipment in the two Quincy switchyards and Rocky Ford, and $16.3 M for associated costs.

Source: Columbia Basin Herald