Finnish company installs new substation for wave energy project in Portugal

Portugal: Finnish company AW-Energy Oy had completed the installation of a new substation for its SURGE2 wave energy project located off the coast of Peniche in Portugal.

The new substation replaces the one that was installed in the first SURGE project, which served to demonstrate the company’s WaveRoller wave energy convertor. AW-Energy has been operating three 100 kW grid-connected prototype units of the WaveRoller device near Peniche since 2012.

Spanish firm PROinSENER Energia supplied the new substation and installed it on land with AW-Energy. Spain’s Abeinsa Engineering coordinated the unit’s design and manufacturing process. The substation is connected to the WaveRoller device that is fixed to the seabed near the shore.

The device consists of a submerged movable steel panel hinged to a concrete foundation. As the waves move the panel, hydraulic piston pumps transfer fluid inside a closed circuit into a hydraulic motor that drives an electricity generator.

Source: Renewables Now

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