$482 M hydro project to start in Argentina

Argentina: San Juan power company EPSE has awarded the construction of the 75 MW El Tambolar hydro project in Argentina for $482 M to a consortium comprising of Panedile Argentina, SACDE, Sinohydro and Petersen, Thiele y Cruz.

The power company initially estimated works would require $750 M.

The news marks a big milestone for a project that was conceived around 1974 and will finally add its capacity to four other hydro plants tied to the San Juan river. The plants are 125 MW Los Caracoles (also owned by EPSE), 65 MW Punta Negra, 45 MW Quebrada de Ullum, and 44 MW La Olla.

El Tambolar is a “multipurpose” hydroelectric plant. Besides generating energy, it will help regulate the flow of the river, lower risks of droughts and floods, and help irrigate the surrounding area, according to EPSE.

Works include building a dam, a substation and a high-voltage transmission line. The works should commence in the next two months.

Source: BN Americas