GEORG introduces new inline and offline stacking systems

Germany: GEORG presented its new inline cutting and stacking line of the GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline series and its offline stacking system of the autostack series.

With these new systems GEORG rounds out its range of cutting and stacking equipment for transformer sheets with systems of different degrees of automation. Besides the proven ecoline systems, GEORG now also offers highly automated equipment that use the potential of modern articulated robots and advanced handling systems.

The first is the inline system, the GEORG precisioncut TBA400 robotline can automatically cut and stack up to eight closed or open distribution transformer cores at the same time. The plants are designed for deep integration into the customers’ data infrastructure. Functionalities like the GEORG coreeditor enable highest degrees of automation in the production of transformer cores. Additionally, it supports various kinds of core handling logistics.

The second is the newly developed GEORG autostack 400, which is an offline system for the automatic stacking of distribution transformer cores. This highly automated system interfaces with GEORG core cutting lines and features an integrated data management system. The direct data transfer between the cutting line and the robot makes time-consuming manual process superfluous. Thanks to this data link, the new system can be easily integrated into the digital network of the production plant.

Source: GEORG