$18 B for grid upgrade investments in Georgia, USA

USA, Georgia: Georgia Power cites nearly $18 B in recent and future investments to improve grid reliability and resiliency, and comply with federal regulations.

The utility recently filed a request with the Georgia Public Service Commission to increase customer rates by approximately 7% in 2020 so that it could continue making investments in Georgia’s energy future.

The company also requested that its storm restoration fund be rebuild following more than 50 severe weather events in recent years, including historic storms such as Hurricanes Michael, Irma, and Matthew, and Ice Storm Pax, that have impacted the network.

Since 2013, Georgia Power has invested more than $4.1 B in expanding transmission and distribution infrastructure, strengthening the reliability and resiliency of the electric grid, and plans to invest an additional $1.3 B in a grid investment plan over the next three years. The company has worked to replace aging transmission assets and deploy automation technologies across the grid to reduce outage time. Georgia Power has also invested more than $2 B in environmental compliance programs to meet state and federal environmental requirements.

Source: T&D World