Load shedding to take place in parts of Mokokchung town

Executive Engineer (EE) with the electrical division Mokokchung announced the compulsory load shedding due to fire in one of the main transformers feeding Mokokchung town, Nagaland, India.

EE stated that one of the main power transformers feeding Mokokchung town –  the 33/11 kv 2.5 MVA transformer,  was burnt down on the 29th October 2013. Due to this incident, the department would be compelled to impose load shedding, which would take place alternatively between Block A and Block B for two hours each, starting in the evening on the 29th October. However, additional load shedding, if any, would affect the load control Aolijen sub-station, added EE.

The following areas will not be affected:

Salangtem, Yimyu, Kichutip, a part of lower Aongza, a part of lower Arkong and lower Kumlong (IOC area).

Due to the single 33/11kv 5 MVA supplying power transformer also being overloaded, the electrical division requested that the consumers reduce their power usage to minimum until the problem is resolved and to kindly bear with the inconvenience.

Source: Nagaland Post