Applied Materials Inc. assembles SCFCL system for installation

USA: Applied Materials Inc. has assembled a superconducting fault current limiter (SCFCL) system for installation and on-grid testing at the Knapps Corners substation.

It is owned and operated by Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corp. (Central Hudson)in New York.

The system is designed to help protect the grid from the potentially devastating effects of electrical faults.

System testing and evaluation will be conducted over a period of one year starting in May 2014.

Fault currents can induce significant stress on power transformers resulting in a failure of part of the system and leading to interruption of power supply.

They can also wear out components causing premature failure and need for expensive capital replacements.

The SCFCL system reduces the first peak of a fault current on a power line, and limit the stress on the power equipment.

Source: Ciol