Transformer explosion causes power outage

US, Glendale: A power transformer exploded in Glendale because of the sweltering heat and caused a widespread outage that left thousands of residents without electricity for several hours.

The outage affected roughly 80 % of Glendale Water & Power customers, according to city spokeswoman Eliza Papazian.

Papazian said a transformer at the Rossmoyne substation became overheated and exploded. “[Transformers] generally fail during high heat, but what’s unusual was that it led to other issues,” she said.

The outage had a ripple effect across the city.

Firefighters responded to at least 25 calls of people being trapped in stuck elevators, according to department spokeswoman Anita Shandi.

Tahnee Lightfoot, a spokeswoman for the police department, said the outage also knocked out power to traffic lights and required officers to direct traffic.

Source: LA Times