$3.4 M substation to be built in Estonia

Estonia: An electric power substation being built near the small town of Kilingi-Nomme in southwestern Estonia will serve as a hub for the movement of electricity from Estonia to Latvia and vice versa in the future.

The substation is to be completed in the fall. The new substation at Kilingi-Nomme will be part of the 330 kV network that constitutes the backbone of the power supply system. It will be also a part of the third interconnection between Estonia and Latvia.

The substation at Kilingi-Nomme is being built by AS Merko Infra, winner of a public procurement tender, for $3.4 M (3.1 M euros). Three overhead high-voltage connections will connect the substation with Tartu, Sindi and Riga.

Construction work started in mid-August 2018 and the substation is scheduled to be linked up to the power network in September, with handover to the contracting authority slated for November.

“The building of the substation is ready and the primary equipment has been installed, work continues with secondary equipment,” Ain Koster, spokesman for Estonian transmission system operator Elering, said. “Testing and adjusting of equipment is underway, a mast to link the substation with the Tartu-Viljandi-Sindi 330 kV line completed in 2014 is yet to be erected,” the spokesman said.

The section of high-voltage power line from the Kilingi-Nomme substation to the Estonian-Latvian border is to be built by AS Empower for $6 M (5.4 M euros).

Source: The Baltic Times