Johannesburg refurbishes 40-year-old substation for $8.6 M

South Africa: The City of Johannesburg has spent R131 million ($8.63 M) on refurbishing the more than 40-year-old Wilro Park substation.

Mayor Herman Mashaba said on Thursday that the substation was among 11 major substation upgrades City Power was currently working on.

“Before upgrades started, the substation had already been in existence for well over 40 years, the equipment surpassed its average lifespan. In an effort to combat power outages faced by residents in Wilro Park and surroundings, three 45MVA transformers were installed. This is an improvement from the two 40MVA transformers that existed before.

He said the Wilro Park substation’s safety operating standards have now been enhanced, mitigating the risk of injuries.

“The substation has also been capacitated with 88kv indoor Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). The GIS system is very important in ensuring that the technicians can operate on the circuit breakers remotely. Operating on the circuit breakers allow technicians to work without coming into close contact with the high voltage machinery and equipment.

“It is critical that we continue to increase capacity at substations like Wilro Park to ensure that we can meet the rising consumption demand that comes with population growth, especially in Johannesburg,” he said.

Source: The Citizen